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Junkfood Science: The myth of unhealthy belly fat

Not only excellent on belly fat but also a masterwork on the scientific method, do read it.


The secret is (the following IS a just unbeatable example of really objective science!) beer AND exercise...I do (among other stuff) 128 cross-crunches regularly and, at sixty, have the most well-trained pot belly in Squawbunion County, here at home in southern Minnesota on the North Coast of Ioway. The other indispensable factor in good health is plenty of fat (!) roast beef sandwiches, with lots of onions, cheddar and loads of your own homemade horseradish.

Unfortunately, YOU have to want these goodies bad enough to work at having them too, I can't "give" them to you and there is no government on Earth that can "make" this happen "for" you.

I was recently diagnosed as type II diabetic. I'm on a very low-carb diet and have largely cut out alcohol (for calorie control and to stop blood sugar going too low). As a result I've lost two stone and my blood chemistry is right where it should be. But I'll have to be careful the rest of my life. I've already suffered retinal problems and for someone who spends his working life in front of a computer and most of his leisure time reading that is a big concern. But the stabilisation in my condition is due to eating healthily and exercising more, which is good advice for anyone. If I'd done all these things five years ago, would I be diabetic? Probably. No-one knows what causes type II diabetes.

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