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Friday Night is Music Night (Les Paul Edition)



This evening, I will take out my Gibson Les Paul Custom and doodle for a while.

I kept a Les Paul junior to remind me of my younger years...the man knew his guitars both inside and out.

Aaaargh. Another great one gone.

I always preferred the sound of a Fender (Tele or Strat), but there's absolutely nothing wrong with a Les Paul.

Mr Du Toit...the world is further divided into Fender or Gibson men,in the right hands either will more than suffice although given your bass playing perhaps Fender has the edge in that dept.


I wouldn't have a Fender bass as a gift. I'm a Rickenbacker man; always was, always will be. Although if Gibson had ever made a bass guitar which wasn't horribly neck-heavy, I'd happily play an EB3, which I always thought had a special sound.

I also forgot that my favorite Gibson lead guitar of all time was not the Les Paul, but the SG Custom (with whammy bar), as played by Angus Young of AC/DC.

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