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Denier! Unclean! Kill Him!

Man-made climate change is a myth – and economic crash is good news, says Tory guru
DAVID Cameron's latest political guru plunged the Tory leader into an embarrassing controversy yesterday after saying he did not believe in man-made climate change.
Former Wall Street trader turned author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who penned the book The Black Swan about the perils of high-impact and unpredictable events, and politicians' failure to deal with them, shared a stage with Mr Cameron in London yesterday....
Mr Taleb waded into controversy by making a series of pronouncements about climate change, and that he liked market crashes.
He said: "I'm a hyper-conservative ecologically. I don't want to mess with Mother Nature. I don't believe that carbon thing is necessarily anthropogenic (derived from human activities]."
Mr Taleb, who is a professor of chance theory, also said of the economic crisis: "I like crashes. I just like the world to be robust about them."
The contentious remarks were seized on by Mr Cameron's opponents. Liberal Democrat MP Willie Rennie said: "David Cameron can get pulled around by huskies all he wants, but by cosying up to climate change deniers, he shows his true colours."

He is not of the true faith, all good Liberals know that any questioning is banned, even a hint of dissent is too dangerous to be allowed.


Off with his head.

Again really, what are the Conservatives conserving? I reckon they lost their balls after Thatcher and have been cock less ever since. Excuse my very foul language but that is to what extent idiots infuriate me.

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