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Steamy Nights

Weather eye: Warmer than average summer
...even though most of us think this has been an appalling summer. ...it has been warmer than average; this month so far temperatures in England and Wales were 1C (1.8F) above the norm,... So why do we feel so cheated by this summer? Perhaps it was because daytime temperatures were not very exciting. In fact, it was the nights that were warm β€” when most of us were asleep.

As has been pointed out before the rise in the recorded average temperature in England is nearly all due to the rise in the minimum rather than the maximum temperatures that the thermometers pick up.

Minimum Central England Temperature

We are all tucked up under a warm wet cuddly cloudy blanket every night sweating in the stored heat from all the concrete around us, rather than enjoying the clear blistering days we are hoping for, and warned against.


For some strange reason agricultural production is down in Canada and the Northern half of the US. Silly farmers have been complaining it has been too cold.

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