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Another reason for a Defence Minister to resign

Auditors can find 'no evidence' £6.6bn worth of MoD equipment really exists - Scotsman.com News

AUDITORS have been unable to verify the existence of £6.6 billion worth of Ministry of Defence assets such as vehicles, weapons and radio equipment, they said yesterday.
In a damning report, the National Audit Office (NAO) criticised financial controls in the department as "inadequate", and also branded its payroll function as "not fit for purpose" after finding tens of millions of pounds worth of wrong payments had been made to soldiers.
Amyas Morse, head of the NAO, said: "At this time of high operational demand, it is more important than ever for the Ministry of Defence to have accurate records of where its assets are.

That's not just sloppy, not just a few items "liberated" it is a bloody disgrace. No wonder troops are ill equipped if the bean counters don't know where the kit is.


There is a long history of Western Democracies not spending enough on their military during the times between wars. The US Marines have a long tradition of picking up anything that is lose from the other services.

It has gotten ridiculous for British forces though. When the contretemps in Iraq first started the US forces nicknamed the British forces the "Borrowers." You can't continue to underpay and under equip a military force, especially a volunteer one, and expect to maintain morale and effectiveness.

Meanwhile I wish nobody could be a JAG officer in the US military unless they'd served in a combat unit that had seen action.

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