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Olympic Drugfest Will Cost NHS Dear

Olympic medical call-up will blow holes in NHS - Times Online

HOSPITALS and GP surgeries will have to draft in thousands of costly agency staff during the 2012 Olympics as National Health Service staff are diverted to jobs at the Games, according to an official report.
Huge extra demand on ambulances and emergency units are predicted and there are concerns that sexual health clinics will not be able to cope because of an increase in promiscuity.
A leaked NHS circular warns of the huge impact of the Games on health services, estimating that an extra 4,600 medical professionals will be needed in London during the month-long event.

I thought the athletes all brought their own drugs to enhance their performances, I didn't realise we were also going to pay for their little blue pills.

I must start planning where to go for that month, hiking across the Rockies or something, any suggestions of how to avoid the whole tawdry spectacle?


If you're on the other side of the world, it all happens when you're asleep. So you can pretend it's just a bad dream. Of course, this only works for 2012...

Why would the Olympics lead to an increase in promiscuity? Do they normally do that?

The middle of Salisbury plain is pretty quiet and I think it's open to the public at the time of year this drugfest will be on...


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