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Dad's Army - The Bullet Is Not For Firing

Soldiers banned from training with live rounds - Telegraph

Ministry of Defence cutbacks mean that troops are being issue with blank rounds, which cost about 10p, instead of live rounds which cost about 30p. The MoD said the "ever-improving quality" of computer simulation had also reduced the need for live fire training.


Has anybody in charge of the MOD ever fired a rifle in combat?

Do they shout "Bang!" as in "Dad's Army"?

Just a little more digging, comrades, and we shall reach rock bottom.

20 years ago when I was in the TA our company's entire annual allotment for 7.62mm ammunition was 2000 rounds. Less than 20 rounds, or one magazine, per soldier. The battalions allotment for 84mm CG rounds was 1 per year and 66mm LAW was 3 per year. I was lucky enough to get to shoot one of the 84mm rounds, some recompense for carrying the bloody thing around Germany for two weeks.

And this wasn't a service unit but an infantry battalion allocated to reinforce the army in Germany.

I thought it was bad then but it sounds like Jeff has it about right.

The ever-improving quality of computer modelling?

Was this written by Michael Mann or someone?


Before Iraq II the US military was big on the MILES system, laser tag for big boys and vehicles, and computer simulation. Some bases had rifle ranges that were only good for 50 meters. The realty set in during that first year of combat. Live fire came back into fashion. Real bullets don't travel in infinitely straight lines, they drop as ranges increase, wind drifts them, adjusting for moving targets gets tricky. They started digging out every M-14 rifle they could find a refurbishing them, they needed the punch and range of the 7.62 X 51 mm round. They started up the designated marksman program and increased the sniper training. So the MOD want to step backward.
Oh well they're cutting military spending in the US also.

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