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Dangerous Tinkering

Royal Society warns climate engineering 'could cause disaster' - Times Online

Giant engineering schemes to reflect sunlight or suck carbon dioxide from the air could be the only way to save the Earth from runaway global warming, according to a group of leading scientists. But they say that these schemes could have their own catastrophic consequences, such as disrupting rainfall patterns, and should be deployed only as a last resort if attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions fail.

Or what about if CAGW continues to fail to show up? It isn't the extra bit of CO2 or methane in every breath we take that worries us, it's catastrophic warming taking place. And that just isn't evidencing itself.
The problem about these schemes is also the best argument for reducing CO2 emissions, we just don't understand the climate system. We are like toddlers playing with a chronograph, we might be sprinkling a bit of sand into the works now but to give us a hammer and chisel to "mend" it with is even crazier.


John Brignell still has my doc. "spinning temperature out of control", it is worth a re-visit or a first time read and is very relevant to what is going on.

Also relevant on John's site: http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/cooling2.pdf, From the book “Omega – Murder of the Eco-system and the Suicide of Man , Paul K Anderson, 1971
Controlling the Planet's Climate, (to stop global cooling)

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