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Miliband Green Poverty Warning

Ed Miliband warns of 'climate change poverty' - Telegraph

He should know as he is working hard to push us into it with his idiotic actions and inactions.


They produce this nonsense and allow no comments. Totally false claims repeated ad infinitum until they even start to believe their own propaganda. Meanwhile 2500 delegates are preparing to attend the WMO conference in Geneva, flying from all points of the globe, staying in fancy hotels at our expense and bemoaning the plight of the peasants suffering from our use of fossil fuels.

Check out the gross hypocrisy of this crowd by looking at the UNEP calendar:

We're going to come after these people in a year or two and string 'em up.

Mis-quoted: here, let me add the lost words -

"Millions will be condemned to poverty and homelessness if world leaders [do not - ed.] fail to reach an ambitious deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the climate change summit in Copenhagen later this year, Britain's Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, warned yesterday."

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