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An Experiment for Men

Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women - Telegraph
The research shows men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to someone they do not find attractive.

Now for the test:


A politician looked into a barn. Instead of counting the number of human and cows like a sensible person, he instead counted 74 heads and 196 legs. How many humans and cows are there?

Answer and next part of the test below:

H + C = 74
2H + 4C = 196
(2H + 4C) - (2H + 2C) = 196 - 148
2C = 48
C = 24
H + (24) = 74
H = 74 - 24
H = 50

Not too hard, now try this one - you may want to click on the picture to help concentrate...


What's the capital of France?



First off you have to find out who is of legal voting age. In most counties cows can't vote, so you would want to separate the livestock from the humans before counting. This is a difficult job for your average politician since they are so used to milking the voters, cornering them to remove their testicles, and using them for recreational sex.

Typical. I'm not a maths expert so I did it a different way.

Heads = 74
Humans have 2 legs, cows 4 so divide legs by 2. How many spare we got? 24
Ergo 24 cows. Heads - 24 = No of humans.

All this 2C is so long ago ... Of course more complicated ones need the right way.

I claim uber geek points: I set up a spreadsheet and used the Tools|Goal Seek function. The result:

24 cows, 50 humans and, God knows how, ten years of unobtainium production.

Okay, I'll get back into my hole now.

I claim uber-geek points: I did it in my head.

After looking at the nice lady, I tried >50 humans, where some had less legs each.

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