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Thighs Matter

PEOPLE with thick thighs have a lower risk of premature death and heart disease, researchers said yesterday.
A study found that those whose thighs measured around 23.6in (60cm) in circumference were less likely to develop heart problems or die early.

Sexy legs by Salsa Website

Pass the tape measure, it's for her own good.
Whilst it reassures us men please don't let on to the girls that it applies to women as well.

Prof Heitmann, director of the research unit for dietary studies at Copenhagen University Hospital, "A small thigh circumference was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases and total mortality in both men and women," he said.
"A threshold effect for thigh circumference was evident, with greatly increased risk of premature death below around 60cm."
He added: "The fact that more than half of the men and women aged 35-65 have thigh circumference below the threshold is worrying."
Dr Ian Scott, of Australia's Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, said if measuring a patient's thigh proved to be an effective way of identifying those at higher risk of heart disease and premature death, it would have "intriguing" public health implications.

No, don't start telling people that being too thin is bad for them, it will lead to the collapse of civilisation!


Oh for crying out loud. They have to be kidding. Dr. Ian Scott has too much free time on his hands. He needs to get out more and get properly laid. Who on earth is funding this study?

Back in the Year O & When We All Read The Same News Over Here and had (for what that WAS worth!) a "national" discourse [as opposed to the Cyberspace Solipsistics of to-day -- Bodwyn Wook], some clever idler in the Reuters or UPI wireservices offices put out a teletype bit that a "study" had shown that females in miniskirts in the Winters, especially in the interior in places like Chicago where it does get colder than Hell, developed fat legs at the busstops as a protection against the cold. This was believed. As I like big-legged women, therefore I was on the job for a season, trying to give these garments (and monthly Minneapolis bus passes) to some girlfriend or the other. So much was it all believed that I was immediately reproved, not for a pretty unkinky sort of eroticism by today's "standards" anyway, and which would have been fair enough -- but: "For trying to make me get FAT!"

60cm thighs on a woman is flipping huge.

At a guess it should be about proportionate the REST of the critter. If you have any surplus to requirement send them along, eh?

At a guess it should be about proportionate to the REST of the critter. If you have any surplus to requirement send them along, eh?

What's 60cm in real measurement units?

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