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When Nanny Turns Into Big Brother

Labour's secret plan to send overweight children to NHS fat camps
Tens of thousands of overweight children – some as young as four – will be shipped off to fat camp, under a Government scheme to tackle obesity.

Under existing regulations, children are weighed when they start primary school – aged four or five – and again as they leave, at 10 or 11...
When it was introduced three years ago, the weighing programme was met with a backlash from parents. In its first year, more than half withdrew their children from the scheme, for fear they would be bullied after the class weigh-in.
When families were advised that pupils would not be told their weights, nor singled out and told to diet, but that data would simply be used by local health planners to monitor the spread of obesity and to help them set up the right services, participation rates increased. Last year, nine out of ten children were measured.
The new guidance, slipped out to NHS Primary Care Trusts in England during the school holidays, orders an immediate change of approach.
From this month, pupils whose weight is too high – or too low – will automatically be offered a referral to "weight management services" in areas which already run such programmes or can set them up quickly.
Existing NHS schemes range from 12-week weight loss courses taking place at weekends and on school nights, to six-week residential courses costing £3,000 a patient for the most obese.
All PCTs have been "strongly encouraged" to have children's weight management services in place by next September, so that every overweight child in England can be referred for diet and exercise sessions.
Those identified as obese may be sent to paediatricians for specialist treatment, drugs or even surgery.

Leave aside for a second the groupthought indoctrination and state sponsored humiliation of kids let us remember there is no scientific proof that such interventions help kids. No proof at all.

On the other hand there is evidence that the darker the skin the harder it is to find a job compared to identically qualified lighter skined people of the same race; jobless people have worse health, commit more crime etc. So do we propose a skin tone classification scheme with the darkies being shipped off to be bleached, or do we abhor picking on people for their innate characteristics and strive to change society so such unfairness doesn't happen?


Since when did the hammer and sickel reign over England. My beautiful England?
The same is about to happen over here in Oz.
I enjoy your thoughts. Keep up the good work!

And let's not forget that the BMI system of measurement is absolute bollocks and results in children who are a healthy weight being classed as under- or overweight because they aren't "average".

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