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Royal Fury

THE Queen has vented her anger over the Army equipment crisis directly with No10, it was claimed last night. Internationally-respected historian Andrew Roberts says the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles are up in arms over the failure to provide Our Boys with bomb-proof vehicles and enough helicopters.
He said: "They are all furious with Gordon Brown over sub-standard equipment in Helmand"...as the Prime Minister spent the traditional weekend with The Queen at Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

That must have been a lovely weekend; Charles turning off the heating to save the world as the Highland damp seeped through the draughty old pile would be nothing to the frost across the table as Her Maj enjoyed Gordon's scintillating wit and repartee. She takes looking after Her Troops very seriously.


Well someone needs to - the shower of incompetents couldn't look after a bun fight in a bakery.

They could do with armoured construction equipment too. If it is too dangerous for civillian contractors to be building the infrastructure that the West is hoping for, to benefit troop movements and get the locals onside, get Royal Engineers and their equivalents in other NATO forces in bulldozers, graders and excavators doing it.

I think it would be an ideal wheeze for the nations whose national politics preclude them from operating offensively to send in as many combat engineers as they can spare. Any fighting they have to do would be to protect themselves and whatever they are building.

The MoD have disposed of a lot of construction equipment in recent years due to a PFI contract. Bulldozers that can be armoured, bomb-proof loaders and more besides. All sat in yards waiting to be bought by someone.

Perhaps if it were to be mandatory for the Cabinet to tour combat areas where HMG's Armed Forces are operating, using only the same kit as the soldiers use...?

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