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Speed Trap in Coombe Bissett - Local Help Needed

I went to see a farm up The Old Blandford Road off Coombe Bissett the other day and got snapped after I drove down into the village. I couldn't remember seeing any signs so I went back and checked again today. I'm now awaiting a reply to my email to the Acting Inspector in charge, but I thought maybe a reader could help me shed light on this.

To:* Nick.Blencowe@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk
*CC:* safety.cameras@wiltshire.police.uk,


Please could you confirm to me the speed limit in force on The Old
Blandford Road in Coombe Bissett - Map reference SU098238 to SU108264
When it leaves the A354 at the southern end it is a Byway Open to All
Traffic without illumination or any signage so I believe it is 60mph (for
cars, other vehicles as usual) As it approaches the village it transforms
into a tarmac road, still without illumination or any signage.
On inspecting it today I was unable to spot any Terminator signs for the
30 limit that is in the village. Please also confirm that this entrance
to the village either has no signage or where they are.

Thank you

(I'm sure it won't be needed but if necessary please treat this as an FOI


You can download the various Traffic Sign Manuals here to check what is required and whether they are compliant.


Some knowledgeable people here about road sign and markings requirements


I believe that if the speed limit is not correctly marked then someone in the police should be charged with at least perjury for making a false charge, someone said once that part of the speeding charge is declaration that the particular law applied at that location.

"(I'm sure it won't be needed but if necessary please treat this as an FOI

Oh, I like that. A very stylish touch...

If there's no illumination and no signage then it's the default for the road type, in this case 60mph.

That's the law.

If they try to ticket you, you have a cast-iron defence (unless you were going >60, of course).

otoh if there is illumination then it's 30. As no doubt you know.

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