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Parking in Salisbury - One Law for Us, One Law for Them

Coming back from surveying Coombe Bissett I stopped in Salisbury to visit my Turkish Barber and I was surprised to spot a Wiltshire Council van (ID 687)
parked in a metered pay on Catherine Street for some time without a ticket, and no sign of the driver in the vicinity.
Round the corner in Winchester Street another van (172)
was parked in a loading bay (wheels over the line) with no loading or unloading occurring.
(I think the driver was waiting to have his hair cut).

As a Parking Attendant hung vulture like over my car waiting for the ticket to expire I politely enquired if he had noticed them. He replied that Wiltshire Council vans had "considerable concessions" and so were presumably immune to the law.

An FOI to parking@wiltshire.gov.uk has been sent to ask; "Is that correct? If so under what regulations are the concessions given? Or was he mistaken and in need of reminding?"


Ahem. Working from memory, PA's can't book themselves when they are on duty. If they're busy booking it's generally accepted practice that they are exempt from the parking regs, but not if they are stopping at the local newsagents for their copy of the Daily Toilet paper and twenty B&H. Same for Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance, and funnily enough the Armed forces (Although if you were a PA and ever thought of slapping a ticket on a tank - more fool you).

(TE - I asked the PA if it was his van and he said it wasn't)

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