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Common Agricultural Policy makes us unhealthy, infertile and stupid.

Selenium 'could make Britain more healthy' - Telegraph

The mineral, mainly obtained from wheat and other cereals but also brazil nuts, occurs naturally in the soil but only at low levels in Britain.
As a result consumption levels of selenium in the UK are about half what they should be.
Selenium is important to the immune system - especially for combating viruses such as the ones that cause flu - and hormone production.
It also reduces the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer, notably prostate. In old age, selenium is believed to help the brain remain sharp and active.

Blame the EU - Selenium is high in Canadian Wheat, we used to get a decent dose in our daily bread, but because we eat EU wheat now we don't.

(Luckily I eat Organic Weetabix every morning which is made from Canadian wheat, which makes it taste better than normal Weetabix. And no comments about what an odd choice of breakfast that is. One Weetabix with Kellogg's Cornflakes on top in a hemispherical bowl, topped with unrefined Muscovado sugar and semi skimmed milk, eaten with an Old English pattern spoon has been my breakfast nearly everyday for thirty years, it is only when the wrong sort of spoon or bowl or one of the ingredients isn't available that I haven't and then spend the whole day depressed... OCD? what OCD....)


Not a combo I would have thought of but it sounds like it is worth a go.

Semi-skimmed milk? Is that the drink of Liberal Democrats? Neither fish nor fowl?

Ha. When the mood takes me (which is reasonably often), I eat THREE WeetaBix cakes, by themselves, with lashings of sugar and full-cream milk.

And no, it doesn't give me the runs, because my bowels are made of sterner stuff. Even All-Bran doesn't give me trouble. (And no, I'm not constipated, ever.)

'Weetabix, the Brekker of Brits!'

Fortunately, 'tis to be had here in Minnesota, too!

Interesting point about Canadian Wheat. I also remember, when I was much younger, being regaled by a baker who was lamenting the loss of Canadian wheat in his small bakehouse.

His comments were along the lines of:- "Higher Protein, therefore lighter bread, easier to work, easier to bake, better than this low protein crap we're forced to buy nowadays", those comments were made around 1974, not much has changed

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