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The First Cuts

Pensions and public sector in firing line 'to save taxpayer £50bn' - Scotsman.com News

DRASTIC plans to solve the UK's debt crisis by saving £50 billion from public spending per year have been outlined by the Institute of Directors and the Taxpayers' Alliance.
A freeze on the state pension, abolition of the government's controversial identity card scheme and a 10 per cent cut in "non-frontline" staff in the NHS and schools have been suggested as methods of tackling the UK's debt crisis.


SOME of the 34 proposals:

1 Abolish Building Schools for the Future £2.3bn

2 Halt further orders and upgrades for Eurofighter £740m

3 Abolish NHS National Programme for IT £1.2bn

4 Abolish ID cards £55m

5 Cut non-frontline staff in health and schools by 10 per cent £921m

6 Reduce size of civil service by 10 per cent £1.2bn

7 Cut 10 per cent from budgets of most non-ministerial departments £1.7bn

8 One-year freeze of grants given to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales £1.4bn

9 One-year freeze of the Basic State Pension and the Minimum Income Guarantee £1.4bn

10 One-year pay freeze across public sector, excluding armed forces serving in conflict zones £6.2bn

11 Increase employee contributions to all unfunded public-sector pension schemes by a third £2.5bn

12 Abolish Child Benefit and Child Trust Fund, and increase Child Element of Child Tax Credit £8.5bn

I can't find a link to the release or it reported in any of the serious London Papers - The Guardian has a snarky piece though - so all I can say is that it sounds like a sensible start.
I'm sure we can all think of a few more to go the list.


Only 55 million saved by abolishing ID cards? Methinks someone's slipped the decimal point one step to the left.

The Remittance Man,

That is the annual saving, the figures that normally get quoted are the total cost over a number of years.


Yeah - spend mindlessly and get us into hock, blame us and bring in swingeing cuts to our services, which we pay for.

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