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Hurrah for a sensible headteacher and her pupils

Marcus the sheep is dead - Telegraph

The animal was reared by pupils of Lydd Primary School but the school council voted to turn him into lamb chops to complete a project on the origins of food.
Andrea Charman, the school's headteacher, rejected promises of a home for the animal from a number of animal sanctuaries and national newspapers - and from chat show host Paul O'Grady, who already has 11 sheep at his nearby property.
She also braved a storm of criticism from parents on Facebook and in the media.
Ms Charman said the aim was to educate children about the food cycle, and that she had received support from parents, other schools with farms and the general public.
She said in a statement on Saturday: "Since the Wether lamb arrived, it has always been made clear in a tactful and factual way that lambs are meat....the children voted by an overwhelming majority for the lamb to be sold for meat.
"When we started the farm the aim was to educate the children in all aspects of a farm and everything that that implies."

My teacher of the year - and yet again kids are more realistic than the parents.


and yet again kids are more realistic than the parents.

Or more mercenary (which is not necessarily a bad thing). To what purpose were the funds raised by Marcus's sacrifice diverted?

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