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All Your Cars Are Belong To Us

Owners of uninsured cars face new fines under new Government curbs - Telegraph

The new law will make it an offence to be the registered keeper of an uninsured car, whether or not the vehicle is being used and regardless of whether it has a valid tax disc or is kept on private property.
The only way to avoid a fine will be to go through the bureaucratic process of making a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) ...
“This will hit innocent people,” added Gus Hosein, a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and policy director at Privacy International.
“It doesn’t make sense. If a car is not being driven, why does it have to be insured?
“This will hit law abiding people. You think you need insurance for activities you are actually doing. You don’t expect to have to be insured just because of a Government whim.”

Whim? I would have used a stronger word for this outrageous invasion into the rights of private property.


Is the one-eyed goblin trying to pass as many Draconian laws as possible before he is dispatched next year? It seems to be one a day. God knows why Cameron isn't shouting from the rooftops that he will repeal all these petty and vindictive diktats. Probably because he quite likes them too.

Oh yes, SORN. Imagine if Tesco's billed you for groceries you hadn't bought until you sent off your Statutory Not Buying Groceries From Tesco's Notification. There'd be riots!

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