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Olympic Logo For Schools Revealed - "Get Head"

The new London 2012 education logo was unveiled yesterday. The winning design was created by Reiss Evans, an 18-year-old graphic design student from Dover, who will now see the design for Get Set, the London 2012 official education programme, being used by schools and colleges around the country as part of the effort to get children excited and inspired by the Olympic Games.


To earn the right to use the new logo, and become a member of the new Get Set network, schools and colleges need to register with Get Set, showcase their student-led work around the values via the dedicated “Get Set” blog, and complete a short application form. They will receive the right to use the London 2012 education logo on their headed paper, website and school sign, as well as being given a plaque and certificate marking their achievements.

Apologies to Reiss, I couldn't show his new logo as I haven't sucked up to Lord Coe enough so I had to use one from Theo Spark



Presumably the "licencing" requirement came after te debacle that led to all the responses to the previous disaster of a design. This strikes me as uncricket-like behaviour on the part of the Olympic authorities - the British taxpayer paid for thedesign, by all natutral justice he should have free access to it, even if it is just to take the p1$$.

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