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Calling Isaac Hayes

Meat-flavoured chocolate 'a hit with men' - Telegraph

...venison chocolate truffles, made from a blend of dark chocolate and ground-up salty dried meat....There's this smoky taste to start, then a strong chocolate flavour comes in, and at the end you have this wonderful taste of salami.. the snack, which will be served as a starter to 150 people at New Zealand's Meat Industry Association conference, had proven a hit with men "who can't get enough of it", but admitted women had been markedly "quieter" in expressing approval.
"Women tend to love their chocolate more fruity, more feminine, and I guess meat doesn't have that feel to it."

Need I say anything apart from I want some...


Biltong flavoured chocolate!

For God's sake don't tell the South Africans about it - it'll become the ultimate courting gift here in the Platteland.

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