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Miliband's Man F***ing Jews Outburst

Foreign Office chief accused of saying: Blow Israel off the face of the Earth
Gideon Falter claimed that Rowan Laxton, 48, was also heard to shout “f***ing Israelis, f***ing Jews” while watching a television news report about Israel bombing Gaza as he worked out on an exercise bicycle.
Mr Falter said he arrived at the London Business School gym shortly after 8am in January and overheard the outburst. I wanted to see who shouted. I couldn’t see anyone who was particularly aggravated. Mr Laxton came downstairs to the lower part of the mezzanine and I spoke to him.”
Mr Falter claimed that Mr Laxton, head of the South Asia desk in the Foreign Office, admitted that it was him who had launched the tirade before allegedly adding: “It’s not racist. If I had my way, the international community would be sent in and if the Israelis got in the way, they would be blown off the face of the f***ing Earth.”...
His barrister, Julian Knowles, told the court that his client could not be guilty of inciting religious hatred or causing alarm, harassment or distress because he had no reason to believe anyone could hear him.
When interviewed by police after his arrest, Mr Laxton said: “I was horrified by what I saw and I said, ‘I’m sorry I said it’. I said ’f***ing Israelis’.”
The court was told that Mr Laxton had settled a “difficult” divorce with his Muslim wife on the same morning as the incident.
Mr Laxton had initially been told by police that he would be cautioned for the offence before Mr Falter tipped off the media and articles appeared in the press. It was then that the Crown Prosecution Service decided to charge him.

What a nasty little story. I have never been on an exercise bike, whatever they are, but if by 8:00am you have been divorced and signed over half your goods, you are hot and sweaty and you are watching the television news then a bit of swearing at the telly as you are on your own seems to be entirely your own business.
And even if you aren't on your own and you haven't got any provocation it still should just be allowable free speech.
I haven't noticed the CPS playing the media tart and charging all those anti-Israeli banner wavers on the streets.


I dunno, you'd think by now he'd have learnt like the rest of us to keep his mouth shut and his thoughts to himself when in a public place instead of screaming politically dodgy abuse at a tv.

Fortunately at the moment the government haven't figured out a way to stop us from thinking the "unthinkable"

Settled a divorce earlier in the day? At 8am. No lawyer I know could be seen before 9 am. And even if they had it must have just been a big sign off.

Most of the FO must be running scared with this decision.

In the normal course of events I'd agree with you about the freedom of speech thing, but this is a member of the apparat that imposed all the restrictions on the rest of us; he deserves nothing but the full weight of the law descending upon his bonce.

He could have just said, "I divorce you" three times and be shot of her. No worries. Why get lawyers involved?

This guy has two problems:-
(1) He is a politico, helps to bring in all sorts of impositions on people like us, and ought to (a) be wiser and (b) not work for the State:
(2) He is falling into line with the restored ancient fashion of being beastly to Jews - and now such people can be beastly to Israel also, it being the only approximately functioning liberal pluralist democracy in the Middle East.

He ought to have kept his trap shut in public anyway, bad guy. His divorce is irrelevant.

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