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The Slop Hits The Fan

Unpalatable palette: the colours of hospital food - Telegraph

A Neapolitan sunset has nothing on the colours of hospital food, as anyone can see who has followed a fascinating new game called Hospital Food Bingo, which, as we report today, has been invented by an unfortunate but resourceful patient somewhere in the South West.
The vivid peas burn green against saturated carrots nestling next to something yellowish that might be fish in breadcrumbs. The wisely anonymous blogger, known only as Traction Man, does not mean to denigrate his medical care, which he calls superb, but makes the goal of the game to identify the dishes that he captures daily on his mobile phone.

Good luck with lunch today old friend after you have been rumbled across all the papers...

UPDATE - And now on must see video


After food from [deep breath] boarding school, the Army, hospitals, university canteens and, for a brief and glorious period, prison, there's not much about institution food which can frighten me.

Vivid peas burn against ...


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