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Baroness Scotland and a struggling farmer, compare and contrast.

Farmer 'checked illegal workers'
A farm owner from Devon who is facing a fine of up to £120,000 for employing illegal workers says he had taken precautions to check their credentials.
He told BBC News: "We do our best to comply with regulations.
"We have a very good database of all employees and we have a list of passports and proof of identity.
"But the biggest problem for employers is to prove the identity of the person.
"We are not experts in forgery."

Mr Coleman was handed an on-the-spot penalty notice by immigration officials that could mean a fine of up to £10,000 for each illegal worker.
A spokesman for the UK Border Agency said: "Mr Coleman was issued with a fixed penalty notice following the raid.
"That civil action is still pending.
"To avoid being fined, Mr Coleman must prove to the UK Border Agency that he has carried out the correct checks before giving the workers jobs."

I need not ask if Baroness Scotland has been handed a fixed penalty notice do I?


I don't want to get too personal on this, obviously, but doesn't Baroness S. have the most astonishingly muscular thighs??

No need for a nutcracker for those awkward Brazils in the Baronial home come Christmas, I'll warrant....



Excellent post! Have linked

'Fixed penalty notice' ... Guilty until proven innocent.

If it looks like a fine and smells like a fine they should not be levied unless a court of law has approved it. The farmer may have illegal workers but that doesn't neccessarily mean he has broken the law which as far as I understand just requires certain reasonable steps to confirm the legal status of your workers to have been taken.

That's right, Gareth. Guilty until proven innocent. That's the way it is
in New Labour Britain.

That's why I have no compunction whatever about demanding the immediate
imprisonment of Baroness Scotland. She has failed to prove her innocence,
and is therefore guilty.

Likewise, Tony Blair (corruption), Lord Levy (corruption), Lord Mandelson
(corruption and fraud) and Lord Goldsmith (perjury).

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

love it.

government's border agency quango lets them in, others end up paying for the qunago's mistakes.

As an aside, I thought that under the Bill of Rights of 1693 that there was no right to levy fines or forfeitures on us without due process through the courts. This would of course apply to this case, but also parking fines from local councils, and any of these 'on the the spot fines' which the current government find so popular.

The way on the spot fines work is simple.

You either agree to such a fine, or you can go to court.

If you go to court, you discover that you may become liable for a much larger fine should the court find against you. This puts 90% of the population off the option of going to court, even if they think they should win.

Superb posting and I concur with Brian. The cow is guilty of excessive CO2 emissions for her worth and should be incernated or incarceraed (preferably the former).

Superb posting, and I concur with Brian.

The Cow should be incinerated or incarcerated (preferably the former).

Why is Peter mandleson running my country? Why is a liar, cheat and arch vilian such as he pulling the strings of government as though he owns the show? In short have we really got to the point where democracy as been sacrificed and we still do nothing? Looks like it to me.

These are the best of times and the worst of times. The best, need I say, for the troughing and unethical bastards in government - and the worst for the rest of us, who must struggle on despite them. What knaves they are, and what fools we be for putting up with them.

Baroness Scotland has only been fined £5000 and yet as the highest in the land who set the law she should be expected to set a high standard. With this as comparison what should a farmer be fined who at least has kept a database and checked passports? The Home Office employed illegals. With the huge numbers (millions) employed by government it is inconceivable that they are not employing illegals. Does the UK border agency as meticulously check the public sector or is it one law for you, another law for me? To prove balance they must find numerous examples from the public sector.

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