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Friday Night is Music Night (Her Name was Stacia Edition)

Stacia joined the band in 1971, and true to this band's rather chemically-influenced history, accounts vary as to how and why she began working with the band.
Stacia herself stated that she simply showed up and was inspired to dance by the band's music. In any case, she joined the "crew" in 1971 and immediately became an integral part of the group.
Stacia was six feet tall, "happily bisexual", an attractive and imposing figure of a woman by any standard, and often augmented her visual impact by performing clad only in iridescent or luminescent paint. In a 2007 BBC Four documentary, Motörhead's Lemmy described her as 6 ft 2 inches tall with a 52 inch bust and a bookbinder by trade. The same documentary said that she was working as a petrol pump attendant in Cornwall when she joined them......


Absolutely love Hawkwind, seen them around 30 times over the years and I've only been a fan since 1980 (due to age)! Warriors on th edge of time!

Great sound. Brings back the memories of early adolescent stupidity.

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