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Official - Parking in Wiltshire, One Law for Us, One Law for Them

I queried whether with regards to parking in Salisbury there was One Law for Us, One Law for Them

I was right there is:

Wiltshire Council undertakes a large number of statutory and discretionary duties within Wiltshire. This involves using a large number of liveried vehicles such as those used by refuse teams, dog wardens, pest controllers and grounds maintenance crews. For drivers to pay for a ticket whilst undertaking these duties and claim back the cost of parking would not be an efficient use of staff time and resources.

Therefore a decision was taken to allow all Wiltshire Council liveried vehicles free parking within all Wiltshire Council owned parking areas. This increases the operational effectiveness of the authority and reduces the cost to the taxpayer. This decision is permissible under the Traffic Management Act 2004. Liveried vehicles are expected to abide by all other restrictions in place within the parking area and must be on council business and during council works time. The use of parking by liveried vehicles is monitored to ensure hat abuse does not occur.

One could argue that the streets aren't owned by the Council but when they promise that they look out for "hat abuse" that would just be carping. It was silly of me to ever expect that our rulers should obey the laws we have to.


Is "an efficient use of staff time and resources" for vehicles belonging to other public utilities and organisations to have to buy tickets when they park. Are they giving a carte blanche for their employees to park their council vehicles whilst shopping at lunchtime (and probably during the day) or going for food etc etc.

But it is no surprise, just following the example of the police who ignore any parking restrictions when doing personal shopping and errands.

How can we expect lawmakers to draft sensible laws if they are exempt from their effects?

Nobody should be above the law and as such, the CPS and police should treat every case of law infringement equally, regardless of the 'status' of the infringer.

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