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Arctic Sea Ice - More is Less

A CAMBRIDGE professor has given a fresh warning about the climate change-hit Arctic region.

Peter Wadhams, professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University who is on a research expedition on the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, said: "We’re entering a new epoch of sea ice melt in the Arctic Ocean due to climate change.
"In five years’ time, most of the sea ice could be gone in summer with just an ’Alamo of ice’ remaining north of Ellesmere Island.
"In 20 years’ time, that will also be gone, leaving the Arctic Ocean completely ice-free in summer."
Melanie Duchin, Greenpeace expedition leader on board the Arctic Sunrise, said the extent of the melting sea ice was "another deafening alarm about the state of the world’s climate".

Imagine what they would have said if 2009 hadn't had had a lot more ice than 2008 which had more ice than 2007....


Very interesting to hear - on Today programme today - that the north-east passage, over the top of Russia, is opening up to commercial traffic, first time ever in recorded history, as far as I know. There is talk of northern Siberia experiencing a renaissance. Which is a pity, as one of the places I had always wanted to visit, on account of its remoteness, is Dikson. I had always imagined that the arctic ocean north of Siberia was somehow, well, just part of Russia.

There has been considerable comment on EUreferendum about the silliness in the media about the Northeast passage.

Todays Today Programme really took the buscuit. Next year Sealink will probably be running car ferries from here to Japan across the ice free Arctic Sea.

Interesting to note that the warmists understand that the last part of the arctic cap to melt would be the section near Ellesmere Island and not an island of ice at the north pole. Ergo the poor polar bears will be able to stroll off onto land.

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