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What are jobs?

Tony Blair says climate change fight can create millions of jobs - Telegraph

Countries can make massive cost savings and create millions of jobs by signing up to global climate change initiatives, a new report backed by Tony Blair will argue.
The report, titled Cutting the Cost, will focus on the economic advantages of a global response to rising temperatures caused by the growth in greenhouse gas emissions.
Analysis in the report shows that an international global deal over climate change could create as many as 10 million new jobs in green energy by 2020.
In a foreword to the report, Mr Blair attempts to head off criticism of the proposals. ''The overall message is clear: even ignoring the costs of climate change itself, the world benefits economically from action to cut emissions.''

Grade A Economic Fuckwittery Creating costs doesn't promote economic revival.


The sale of Climate "indulgences" will have the same effect as the earlier Catholic ones. Lots of priests doing bugger all (apart from the odd bit of buggery)!!

Tell it to the guys at Vesta on the IOW

I was reading about a company who have a patented process for making sheets of carbon nanotubes which they're trying to now reduce the cost of to compete with kevlar. CNTs are a very promising technology because they're light and strong. So, it would be good to make things out of them because if you had, say, an aircraft made from them, they'd be able to fly with less fuel. The passengers would pay less for a flight and Gaia would be happy too.

This actually runs counter to what Blair and the like would argue for. If a "job creation" element were introduced into projects, you wouldn't have projects to automate the construction of solar cells or CNTs because that would actually destroy jobs, despite the fact that they would make us more energy efficient.

Snake oil salesman Blair sold the UK into the mess it's currently in, so why should anyone listen to the proselytising pillock at all? As for 'Green' jobs. More like moonshine, scotch mist etc.

Oh, and what about 'Carbon credits'? Their stock price is in terminal free fall. So much for 'green' economics (Derisive snort).

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