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Politics Fantasy League

Lib Dem £1m home levy 'to help low paid' - Times Online

The announcement came on an unsettled day for the party, amid further questions about whether its programme for the general election was sufficiently distinctive. Nick Clegg came under fire from his own front bench for scrapping pledges to abolish tuition fees and the Child Trust Fund. This scale of dissent towards a party leader so close to a general election is unusual.

Why do we have to read this guff about a bunch of losers playing fantasy politics by the seaside? They might as well write about the behind the scenes manoeuvrings of the Worthing Women's Institute's Presidential Election for the all the relevance it has.


Obviously you've never attended church in Kleinkudoeskop. There are at least two churches here the adherents of which are convinced that the world is run by some sort of conspiracy. Judging by conversations I've had with some of these characters, the Worthing Women's Institute would rank alongside the International Zionist Conspiracy, Freemasonry and squirrels when it comes to evil buggers intent on world domination and the enslavement of the righteous.

They've never mentioned the LibDems though.

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