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Obama's Tea Boy

No 10 'frantic' over Obama talks

White House officials rejected repeated requests from Britain for a formal meeting between President Barack Obama and Gordon Brown, it has emerged.
The UK prime minister's team were "frantic" after being unable to secure the talks at the UN summit in New York, a diplomatic source has told the BBC.
However, the president held private meetings with the leaders of Japan, China and Russia.
Downing Street said reports of a snub were "completely without foundation".
A spokesman said the men had had a "wide-ranging discussion following last night's climate change dinner".
It has emerged this was a few minutes of conversation in a kitchen at the United Nations.

Even the BBC are taking the piss of The World's Statesman of The Year, desperate to touch the hem of the gown of The Messiah all he managed was a few mumbled words as The Chosen One was blessing a few loaves and fishes on his way out of the building.


Obama being pursued by Gordon Brown reminds me of my little brother when I was 8 and he only 4. He was constantly tugging at my jumper saying "Can, I play" when I was trying to have a game of football with my schoolmates. I am sure my parents also told our relatives that we played well together.

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