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We plough the fields and scatter

Farmers told to stop ploughing land to protect soil
“Precision farming” is already widely used by the traditional “barley barons” who in recent years have invested in machines that do not churn up the earth. Instead the equipment merely turns over the top layer and new seed is planted on soil that includes stubble from the previous crop. Ministers want the technique to become standard practice.
The Soil Association, which champions organic farming, criticised the Government’s plan...

One of the main purposes of ploughing is bury weed seeds, if you don't bury them you need to spray them off. Organic farming demands ploughing, an interesting clash of greeneries...


When green slime fall out, honest men rejoice.

We had a grump about that here in the States. Some academic wanted to stop herbicide spraying for weed control. A farmer wrote in reply, that since he had gone to precision spraying he didn't have to plow and he was getting less topsoil run off during the rains and hence less pollution in the local waters and he wasn't using as much "fossil fuel" and thus was reducing his carbon foot print. Of course I don't think this particular farmer believed in "Global Warming".

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