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Costa del Antarctica

Climate change accelerating – UNEP
Climate change is happening faster than previously thought, according to a new report from the UN Environment Programme.... because of increasing amounts of pollution in the atmosphere, speeding up of melting glaciers, collapsing ecosystems and acidification of the oceans.
The Climate Change Science Compendium 2009 looked at 400 scientific reports released ......

Unlike The Telegraph I provide a link to the actual report, and flicking through what is the first image that hits my eye?


Dear old Steig's paper makes an outing, that it has been sliced, diced and spat out by Climate Auditors as being less than robust is of course ignored.


"Climate change is happening faster than previously thought."

Well, I'm glad that the experts finally agree with the experience of most people. The climate here in S E England seems to change on a daily basis - sun, rain, overcast, warm (ish), cold - why, all that was just yesterday. Most likely be the same again today. I guess that is pretty damn fast ....

Alan Douglas

It's all part of the softening-up process for the son-of-Kyoto talks that are due soon.

It's all so predictable* that I can't even be bothered to look up what the conference is called.

* unlike the climate.

Actually, this graphic is just a simple misunderstanding. It's not a temperature reconstruction. It's a satellite photo of Christo's latest project.

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