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Where the old trade's plyin' an' the old flag flyin'

The Royal Navy says it has seized its largest haul of cocaine, with an estimated street value of £240m.
The Portsmouth-based frigate HMS Iron Duke seized more than five-and-a-half tonnes of the drug from a 138ft fishing boat off the coast of South America....
In raids in July and August, the warship was involved in two operations which seized cocaine with an estimated street value totalling £39m.
Prince William served on HMS Iron Duke in July 2008, during which the crew seized more than £40m of cocaine in the Caribbean.

The spirit of Drake and Hawkins is abroad, that's the way to bolster the defence budget. I wonder if there is any Spanish gold still being shipped because our troops need every penny they can get to pay for better equipment.


Could this be called piracy? Boarding a ship in international waters & seizing its cargo, I only wonder.

"Aaar! We be a-goin to steal the Cocaine of ol' Cortez hisself me hearties!"

"Well Chancellor, I suppose we have to pay the Defence budget somehow."

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