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Brown points at the bigger boys and claims they did it.

Brown to 'ban old bonus system'
"We are going to clean up the system once and for all," he said.
The measures will "represent the toughest action of any country in the world," Mr Brown added.

Pathetic attempt to appeal to the envy of the voters, and what's the last thing the City needs to regrow as the leading global banking centre and huge contributor of tax money, more regulation. But he must have someone to blame for his actions, his uncontrolled spending as Chancellor which is still being defended as the work of a prudent financial genius.


Of course he will get away with it, since conventional wisdom favours socialism, so when socialism fails us, tis not really Socialisms fault but evil greedy bankers, industrialists, or farmers, or soemthign else.

besides, Brown wants to get reelected and assumes he will win, wich I know is a delusional fantasy but still...

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