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Gordon Brown's Britain

Police guard Simmons family after death threats made over Pilkington suicide - Times Online

The family accused of tormenting Fiona Pilkington and her disabled children have received death threats, it was claimed yesterday, as police patrols were stepped up near their home.

Police officers drove past the Simmons family home at least 11 times and made a 30-minute visit to the home of Dorothy Simmons, the matriarch of the family. In contrast, the police log of the 33 telephone calls that Ms Pilkington made about death threats, children lighting fires on her property and her son being attacked show that she received as few as eight visits, sometimes days after the event.

More people are going to register this story and remember it as indicative of Gordon's Brown policies than the vacuous speech he gave to a handful of political obsessives yesterday.


This story get worse by the day. I'm sure that idiot Superintendant must have had a finger in this pie after his stupid comments at the inquest. Why is he still employed? Come to that why is the Chief Constable still in place?


So they ignore the cries of the victims, but jump to it when someone threatens the perpetrators. Why does this not surprise me?

"Why is he still employed? Come to that why is the Chief Constable still in place?"

Because they don't work for you or me or the people of their area.

They work for the politicians, and this is how the politicians want it.

AH, democracy at work...

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