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Shopping tips form a Doctor

Raise alcohol prices so food costs can be cut, says doctor - Scotsman.com News

ORDINARY consumers are subsidising binge drinkers because supermarkets increase the cost of everyday items to make up for discount alcohol sales, a leading doctor has said.
Liver specialist Dr Chris Record said a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol should be introduced, a move he claimed could lead to a reduction in the cost of a weekly shop.
"A minimum price would mean an increase in profit for retailers from alcohol, allowing them to make other products more affordable for moderate drinkers."

I bet Tesco et al are grateful for that idea, no wonder they are struggling to make money as they don't have such clever retail strategists on board.


These dickheads argue for a minimum price so that us imbeciles what don't know what is good for us will drink less, ergo, there won't be increased profits.

We had the same farce in Australia when the government increased the tax on pre-mixed alcoholic drinks (e.g. rum and coke), the opposition, for voting against the increase, was irresponsible, both for not supporting a measure which would cut binge drinking and for blowing a massive hole in the budget's tax revenue.

Yet another regressive measure that will transfer wealth from the poorer members of society to the better off and big business.

Why are these kinds of policies so popular with people on the left who are supposed to be on the side of the poor?

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