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I love the euro

It's that time of year again when many in the farming industry take an even closer interest in the value of sterling and what is going on in the international currency markets.
Of course such things are always important and the weakness of sterling has already served the farming industry pretty well over the past 12 months.
But the value of sterling is even more important now as at close of play on 30 September, the EU commission will fix the rate at which this year's single farm payments will be converted from euros into national currencies.

Damn - looks like it is down a cent and a quarter in the last couple of days, that's a few quid I've lost, but a lot better than last year. I bet on the pound weakening since the summer, because as badly run as the euro is, the pound is even more of a basket case for all the reasons we know and love.


I've taken myself out of this predicament of the exchange, keeping them separate.

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