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The cupboard is bare

Labour plans to halve Britain’s deficit with spending cuts and asset sales worth £75 billion without resorting to further tax rises, The Times has learnt.

Senior ministers are demanding that the pay of judges, top civil servants and NHS managers be frozen within weeks as the cuts package begins to bite. The remaining five million public sector workers can expect only minimal rises, union leaders have been warned privately. They had told the Prime Minister that protecting existing jobs was their chief priority....
Cabinet ministers are also being pressed for a list of possible privatisations. They believe that sell-offs, particularly of property, could significantly reduce the deficit. Ordnance Survey is among the state-owned bodies being considered for sale, although ministers acknowledge that it will be difficult to ensure best value for such sell-offs given the state of the economy.

Gordon's has been watching too much Cash in the Attic as he cowers in the bunker. Billions pounds worth of Government property isn't going to be sold before the election, the civil service will make sure of that as they want to protect their own empires. The Unions own the Labour Party and will not allow job cuts. The 50% tax rate won't increase tax receipts, and the economy won't grow to increase taxes either. This is just desperate floundering.


Not enough, Gordo.

Even in the extremely unlikely event of there being 75bn quids worth
of savings, you still need another 125bn JUST TO BALANCE THE FUCKING BUDGET.

The only solution is mass sackings of public-sector pederasts, or (preferably)
mass executions thereof.

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