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Nothing to watch on the box

The girls of the Castle are complaining that the Freeview box no longer works properly even after retuning. I guess I need to pay the price of progress and buy a new one. I gather it needs to be HDMI, and needs a HDD. Is that right? What else do should it have? Any suggestions of what to buy?


I'd get a new flatscreen HD ready TV which comes with freeview built in. A seperate tuner can be a pain if you move the TV around.

I'd look at this:



Just watch TV on your computers, and tell them where to stick their licence.

Until the bbc's PC tax comes in, that is.

Take a look on ebuyer.com - they have some good deals of flat-screen tellies with Freeview built in. You can get ones that double up as PC monitors, though they cost more.

An HDD Freeview box (not usually available as a built-in option) will video stuff for you - some of them will do more than one channel at a time and nearly all of them will allow you to watch one channel and record another.

Lots more books.

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