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A Message to All Fenian Scum from An Englishman

Are you going to roll over today and let the foreigners take over your country? I thought you had more balls and pride and fighting spirit than play at being the politician's poodles. Where's your fucking fighting spirit gone? All that talk of honouring the heroes who fought for Independence is so much guff when your masters in Brussels wave a few euros at you.

"From Devoy to O'Neill and John O'Mahoney, To Joe McGarritty and Michael Flannery, Sedition's our tradition and it won't just go away, Say it loud, say it proud that I will stay an,
Unrepentant Fenian Bastard, Unrepentant Fenian Bastard, Unrepentant Fenian Bastard, Respect to all who refuse to be mastered"


Come now, you surly know that the Irish didn't really want independance origionally. It was a fad started by the romantic notions of Liberty and Freedom, which people began to asusme were only possible under a Republic, and the folklore terror or British Rule, which had long ince treateds the Irish well by the end of thw 19th century.

Independance was mroe of a populace movement resting on Such romantic gestures and concepts, not on reality, and as such was relaly just a fad. Peopel are eaisly manioulated, epsecially by fantasies which they seem all pwoerful in.

But Ireland woudl surrender her freedom because they get money and support and protection, and besides, it snot liej the EU is a Monarhcy! Its a Rpeublican system so must be free, right?

But the Irish did say No to Lsibon loud and clear. Pity this wasn tthe correct answwr so off tot he polls again.

And today, Saturday, the papers are reporting that the Paddies have voted Yes.

Such a pity. They have basically been scared and nagged into it.

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