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Scottish Jobs For Scottish Workers

Hero Shinwell 'incited racist Clydeside mob' - Scotsman.com News

His hallowed status in Labour history may be tarnished by new revelations unearthed by Stirling University historian Dr Jacqueline Jenkinson. "Manny Shinwell was one of those who campaigned to stop black sailors getting work. His radical seamen's union, the BSU, openly banned black members. It was felt they were keeping Scots out of jobs when they returned from service in the First World War, and lowering wages."
"Shinwell gave quite inflammatory speeches in which he condemned the employment of black sailors in the merchant fleet."
"He played a celebrated role in the protest in George Square on 31 January 1919. But just a week before, on 23 January, he also played a key role in a very violent attack on 30 African sailors. "
"Newspaper reports tell how he spoke to 600 sailors and it was quite a rabble-rousing speech about black and what he called Asiatic, or Chinese, sailors. This led to around 30 black sailors being chased by a baying mob down James Watt Street. They tried to take refuge in a sailors' retreat in Broomielaw, but the mob smashed all the windows and they were turned out on to the street."
Some of the black sailors were attacked and they fought back with guns, shooting one of the mob. One black sailor was singled out and attacked with knives, leaving him with a gaping wound in his back. The police eventually stepped in and arrested the black sailors, with the wounded man taken to court before being allowed hospital treatment.
Fellow historians have supported Jenkinson's view that discrimination against black sailors on Clydeside has been "glossed over".
Professor Elaine McFarland, a specialist in modern Scottish history at Glasgow Caledonian University, said: "Red Clydeside does have this dark, racist underbelly, and there has been a reluctance to expose it.
"It may be due to the political leanings of some historians, but there has been a sentimental view of those who took part in Red Clydeside.

Scratch any socialist and there is a racist National Socialist not far under the surface.


I remember many years ago, when the unions devoted most of their energy to various foreign left-wing causes and particularly fighting Apartheid as well as probably calling for more immigration to the UK, someone (possibly in the Labour party?) wrote that they kept ignoring the fact that basically the British working man did not like foreigners, blacks etc.

talking bollocks man

Yes, the British working man has had to be educated out of his desire to protect his own turf over many decades, if not a century or two. Left wing sentiments and ideas have been developed by privileged elites. It's their 5th column?
Such is our vanity we hate to admit we've been conned.

A seminal event in the history of the South African Communist Party tends to get ignored for the same reasons. In 1922 as a result of the collapse of the global price the Rand gold miners went on strike. The SACP saw this as its chance to spread worldwide revolution and the strike became the Rand Revolt which was eventually put down by the South African Army and Air Force.

The only problem was the miners were striking because the mine owners wanted to replace white workers with cheaper natives. Many reportedly went to their deaths uttering Marx's famous words: "Workers of the World unite," but changing the ending to "for a white South Africa." Indeed one of them was the last Welshman ever to be hanged for his trade union activities.

Personally I reckon it demonstrates that the lefties actually believe in nothing but the acquisition of power and they are prepared to latch onto any cause that might help them get it.

So much for the morality of socialism, eh.

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