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Closed Shop

Unregulated legal fringe is risk to public, says Lord Hunt of Wirral
Consumers are at increasing risk from a growing “fringe legal market” in will writing, probate work and claims handling, says a report due out today.
In the report seen by The Times, Lord Hunt calls for an extension of the regulatory “net” to any area of activity where “consumers currently enjoy no regulatory protection”. He adds: “I perceive a serious breach of both the public and the consumer interest in any area of activity that looks or ‘smells’ like a reserved activity but is allowed to go unregulated.”

Back to the old days when you couldn't just pick up a will pack or tenancy agreement in WH Smiths and the simplest contract had to be considered by your local solicitor for several hours before he would have it drawn up. Now why would a lawyer recommend to a bunch of lawyers that only lawyers be allowed to do all legal work?


I don't understand this at all, maybe I should have my Lawyer look it over first.

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