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Too late for the Tories: Czechs dash hopes of delaying EU treaty - Times Online

Vaclav Klaus: "I am afraid that the people of Britain should have been doing something really much earlier and not just now, too late, saying something and waiting for my decision"

The loyal Tory bloggers will be saying "don't rock the boat" "victory isn't certain" "Dave has given a clear commitment and it is unreasonable to have two policies at once".
Dave's promise is a cop out. We all know the it is almost certain that the Treaty will have been ratified before he gets in power. That is one of the reasons the Blairites are keeping Brown in power and encouraging the poor old chap to keep on right to the end. So refusing to discuss the likely outcome is a cowardly cop out. I don't blame him because he has a split party and his lust for power means he can't do the honourable thing and use the conference for debate rather than acclamation.
So while some may hold their noses and pretend all is right with the Tories I won't and will join with others and declare "NO REFERENDUM ... NO VOTE"


The spin this morning seems to be that it would not be possible to hold a referendum on a treaty we have already ratified. We may be offered some other referendum on a European matter, like giving more powers back to national governments.

Not quite the same. They may risk calling a referendum on our staying in the EU thinking they could win that one.

No referendum, no vote!

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