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Anyone But Brown

A Times Populus poll suggests that the Tories may only be doing well under David Cameron because of Labour’s unpopularity

Cameron is a plus, but support for Labour is rooted in dislike for Tories - Times Online *

68 per cent still believe that the party does not seem to have changed much under Mr Cameron and is doing better “mainly just because the Labour Government has become so unpopular”.
That ties in with an earlier Populus poll indicating that about 30 per cent of Tory voters are doing so as a vote against Labour, and only 30 per cent as a positive vote for the party. Forty per cent say that it is a bit of both.

All that wonkery, marketing and brand placement and yet all they actually need to say is "We are Not Labour" to have the same impact. You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

(That's The Times headline and while it does point out that applies in the soggy left the main thrust is how support for the Tories is rooted in a dislike for Labour - I think the sub has it mixed up.)


Cameron is the new Heath - Discuss

Well, it's true, innit? Even the latest Tory "spending cuts" are just words. Once in power, they'll do squat, because, if I may paraphrase, Cameron is no modern-day Thatcher. But, as Mr. Sticker suggests above, he IS quite possibly a modern-day Heath.

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