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In the dark is green still green?

Environmental activists claimed a major victory last night when plans for Britain’s first new coal-fired power station for 30 years were shelved after a sustained campaign.
An E.ON spokeswoman admitted that the delay meant the existing plant at Kingsnorth would stop generating electricity before a new one alongside it could open. She said: “The recession will buy everyone a lot of time to iron out details. The plant was going to open around 2012-13 but we are not going to make a decision on whether to open it for two to three years and it would then take around four years to build.” She said that the future of carbon capture and storage CCS, which is extremely expensive and has yet to be shown to work commercially anywhere in the world, partly depended on the price of permits to emit carbon.

A green victory - it might not have been their naked stunts that stopped it but it is their stupid theology that ramped up the costs. When the lights go out we know who to blame.


Yes, we know who to blame but will they suffer the consequences? When the power failures start the green zealots will have blood on their hands. They should have blood on their faces.

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