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The Green Religion

Climate change beliefs 'like religeon' (From Oxford Mail)

An executive sacked from one of the UK's biggest property companies began his defence today of an employment tribunal decision that he can claim he was unfairly dismissed because of his belief in climate change.
Tim Nicholson, 42, from Oxford, says his views on the environment are so strong that they led to clashes with other senior staff at Grainger plc.
But the ruling is being challenged by Grainger on the grounds that green views are not the same as religious or philosophical beliefs.
Representing the company, John Bowers QC said: "A philosophical belief must be one based on a philosophy of life, not a scientific belief, not a political belief or opinion, not a lifestyle choice, not an environmental belief and not an assertion of disputed facts."
Mr Nicholson claims that his views on climate change affect his whole lifestyle.
In a witness statement to the previous hearing, he said: "I have a strongly held philosophical belief about climate change and the environment.


It is like a religeon. It requires blind faith not science to believe in the coming "Hockey Stick" and it even has its heretics. People like me who think it is all hogwash. I would be burned at the stake by these fanatics if it did not add CO2 to the atmosphere.

Sounds like a win-win for rationality.

If Tim Nicholson wins we have a finding of fact that Warmism is a religion and another reason to get rid of this stupid law. If he loses that's good for employers throughout the UK.

I hope the snivelling poltroon loses, loses badly, is counter-sued and sees his income garnisheed into bankruptcy.

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