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Costless Green Jobs

Cost of going green: £7,000 a home - Scotsman.com News

IT WILL cost £16 billion to make homes in Scotland energy- efficient over the next decade, according to a new report....
Elizabeth Leighton, senior policy officer at WWF Scotland, said: " Scotland's homes account for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore making them low-carbon is key to Scotland achieving its 42 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.
"Improving home energy efficiency is a win for not only for carbon savings but for lifting people out of fuel poverty and creating thousands of green jobs.
"The £16 billion price tag sounds a massive sum, but it would be spread over a decade and the cash will come from a mix of sources including energy companies and householders as well as the public purse."

Create lots of new jobs and the poor old householders won't have to pay for them because the money will come from the energy companies and the public purse!
Stick to the wrestling love until you grasp the simplest basics of how the economy works.


Good joke about the wrestling, ha ha, had to think for a moment about that one!

But it raises a serious point which I have asked about before:

WTF is the WWF actually FOR or ABOUT?

What is it's mission or aims or whatever? Why is it constantly sticking its big fat tranzi oar into all sorts of things that have SFA to do with Wildlife, by any stretch of the imagination?

I have an acquaintance whose job, as far as I can work it out, is to jet around the world advising various poor-ish people on how to screw more money ("grants") out of the benighted taxpayers of various countries, for "good causes" such as village halls. All very left-liberal touchy-feely no doubt. Guess who he's employed by? Yup, the WWF.

Is this just an out-of-control fake charity used for any trendy nonsense that doesn't fit into any other leftish organisation's agenda? Or what is it?

Now that the SPD got their marching orders as the management has changed, the full cost of Gabriel's (the ex-energy minister) solar deal is coming to light and it is not pretty.

The much advertised jobs that solar tech was supposed to create all materialised in China(oops) and the law is giving solar power eye-watering extra rates for the next 20 years.

I think the UK's murky dealings are probably even worse than what the Germans got sold into, have a look here (it's in German, sorry): http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/0,1518,653993,00.html

Google translation of the meaty bits(clear enough I'm too lazy to clean it up, deal):

"Specifically, the citizens get to cost at least 27 billion euro equivalent of about $ 1,000 for a family of three. This information comes from a study of the Rhenish-Westphalian Institute for Economic Research available (RWI), and from a calculation table of the solar magazine "Photon" show, the SPIEGEL ONLINE.

The reason is the high ecoincentives that the Renewable Energy Sources Act enshrines operators of solar plants receive 43 cents per kilowatt hour - five times more than conventional electricity costs in the energy market. The additional expenditure must bear the consumer, and the 20 years long. For as long as the solar compensation is guaranteed.

In other words, a solar energy system that is now installed, caused in 20 years costs. Experts speak of "solar debts.

And they are huge. But for those facilities that went from 2000 to 2008 to the grid, are according to "Photon" table 33.7 billion euros due. RWI estimates the sum of even 35 billion euros."

Add to that the news that the EU is eyeing a EU-wide tax on energy in general to stuff their coffers directly... and we'll be in for some interesting times indeed.

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