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Scare tactics to push for higher prices

Climate change sceptics are to be targeted in a hard-hitting government advertising campaign that will be the first to state unequivocally that Man is causing global warming and endangering life on Earth.

The £6 million campaign, which begins tonight in the prime ITV1 slot during Coronation Street, is a direct response to government research showing that more than half the population think that climate change will have no effect on them.

Ministers sanctioned the campaign because of concern that scepticism about climate change was making it harder to introduce carbon-reducing policies such as higher energy bills.

The advert is here, don't blame me if you punch the screen.


Check out the "carbon calculator": even if you were to believe the claptrap, there is shameless double counting.

It calculates your "home" footprint - including electricity bills - then adds a considerable extra chunk (more than 50% when I tried it) for "appliances" (powered by the same electricity you have just been made to feel guilty about!).

Presumably the same scam as "carbon" taxes - tax the punters when buying fuel then tax them again for using it!

Even if our climate is changing (and of course the earth's climate has changed over 4 or 5 billion years) I don't know if man is responsible. And even if it is changing and man is responsible, I am not sure if we can do anything about it. So I remain deeply sceptical and cynical about the whole climate change industry.


If man is responsible I would suggest the ultimate cause is over-population.

If the cause is overpopulation, I have a modest suggestion......... Do a Douglas Adams on the warmista's.

(Go for talks with them, and then have them all shot)

That should help.

As for the advert, yet another pointless waste of taxpayers money.

They know time is short to come up with a plan to continue this farce, this is just another step to buy time to find some way of halting the challenges from the myriad of scientist and mathematicians lined up against them.

Hop over my blog at http://box57.blogspot.com/2009/10/bedtime-story.html for an alternative transcript.

And targeted at children as well. I think a complain to the ASA might be in order.

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