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David Cameron and all the Mod Cons

BBC - Newsnight: Michael Crick: What's in a party name?
... how often he used the term "Modern Conservatives", and used it as a means of showing the modernised Cameron party is much more compassionate and inclusive than Conservative Party of Margaret Thatcher and others....
Indeed the thought occurred to me - is the phrase being tested? And might "Modern Conservatives" be slowly adopted as the party's unofficial title in the run-up to the election?

Mod Cons? Brave rebranding or a step too far? But worth a punt on buying up variations of it..

www.modcons.org.uk and www.themodcons.org.uk coing to a browser near you soon...


Queen Elizabeth or King Tony?


How about a bit of 'Down in the tube station at midnight' (from the album All Mod Cons) to celebrate?

Mod Cons = New Labour?

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