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Smart Spy in every home

Smart meters could be 'spy in the home' - Telegraph

Smart meters could become a 'spy in the home' by allowing social workers and health authorities to monitor households, adding to concern at Britain's surveillance society.

The devices pave the way for a national 'smart grid', backed by David Cameron's Conservatives, which would use the data to manage national demand more efficiently and advise households when it is cheapest to switch on appliances.
In its impact assessment, however, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) says there "is theoretically scope... for using the smart metering communications infrastructure to enable a variety of other services, such as monitoring of vulnerable householders by health authorities or social services departments."
It adds: "Information from smart meters could also make it possible for a supplier to determine when electricity or gas was being used in a property and, to a degree, the types of technology that were being used within the property. This could be used to target energy efficiency advice and offers of measures, social programmes etc to householders."

" theoretically scope" means "will definitely" - another reason to invest in your own generator...


"...and advise households when it is cheapest to switch on appliances."

That I might not entirely mind but the ones being promoted here in the US, and I suspect the UK, allow electricity to be cut at the individual meter by the supplier's computer. Use more than your neighborhood's mean or average, get cut? Should do wonders for those with in-home medical equipment. And while years ago I bought a timer for my window air conditioner, turning it off about the time I awoke until about a half-hour before expecting to return from work, I now use it 24/7 as I am retired and seldom leave the flat: this would look like a spike for the neighborhood and could cause a shutdown. Ditto my computer. Etc...

There's a remote monitoring setup that allows our power company to register high consumer usage from the electricity grid. It's pretty crude, but it does allow them to find where all the local grow-ops are.

The Government can dress this up anyway they want, it still is "Big Brother, we are watching you."

The end goal, at least the electricity generator's end goal, is to have a MAC and IP address in all you appliances and be able to switch off the most expensives ones eg aircon, during peak demand.

How the Governement uses it is another matter.

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